A Story About A Nice Girl…

The New Jersey Path Train

On Saturday i went to celebrate my Cousin’s Baby’s first birthday!  I took the train to New Jersey with another one of my lovely cousins. And I must say the first thought that comes to my head when getting on that train is how quick and fast it is to get from 34st to Jersey City and how much cheaper it is, then going from the Bronx to Manhattan.  A ride on the Path train is only 1.75.  If you  need to get from 34st to Christopher st.  I suggest just taking the Path train save yourself 50 cents.

Enough about the train, now on to more interesting things.  The food at this party was so delicious.  I love Dominican food.  There was Rice and Beans and Potato Salad, Yuka, Baked Ziti like Pasta, Maccoroni Salad, Pernil, Chicken, Im going to stop now, my mouth is watering.

Look how cute the baby looked.

She was so cranky during the night but i dont blame her, she is allowed to be a diva on her Birthday.

Once a woman becomes a mom she is Mom first and woman second.   Moms are amazing.  I swear first Birthdays are really a celebration of the moms hardwork keeping this child, happy and healthy..


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