A Story About A Nice Girl…

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And so it is…

The last time I saw you, I had the biggest urge to wave the friendliest hello.  I try to deny it but I miss you.  I know I’m supposed to hate you for how you treated me but I don’t.  We were good friends.  The last time I saw you I was tipsy and all but I’m glad that my pride still stopped me from saying hi.  But I miss our friendship and our warm hugs, trips to taco bell, early morning text and late night calls.  I can’t believe two years later we’re “enemies”.

Lesson learned: never fall in love with your best friend.


Nice Girl.

They say I’m a nice girl.  But I have always been a nice girl.  Nothing wrong with being a nice girl?  Right?

Today I was talking to a friend and he mentioned how appreciative he was of my kindness and my overall “niceness”.  At first my response was a simple thank you.  Nice enough.  But I was thinking, why should he be thanking me for my “niceness”?  Isn’t that a quality most people should have and employ daily?  Are most people really not that nice?  And being from New York i know that people can at many times be rude, or stand offish but at the end of the day, i felt that most people were nice.

This brings me to another thought, am I too nice?  Is there a point where one can be too nice?  Is there a such thing as too nice?

Well part of me would love to say no.  But then i would be lying.  Naive me would love to believe in ponies and happy endings but i also know that there are many not so nice people out there.  That there are people who live by the “dog eat dog world” mottos and people who live to please themselves before others.  I’m not knocking these people for doing what they want, making sure they are happy and living well.  I am actually jealous of them (to an extent).  Being so nice can only get you so far, the “not nice” can easily take advantage, see you as weaker and use you.

My problem comes here I don’t know how to not be nice, it’s incredibly hard for me.  If i do someone wrong i apologize a million times, I hate having enemies, or to rub people the wrong way.  Only time I can let out my inner bitch is when im drunk or on my period and even then it takes a lot for it to come out.

I know this sounds odd, but I honestly think there needs to be a medium. Being too nice will be a problem when its time to stand up for yourself and I hate feeling like I didn’t properly defend myself after someone else has successfully put me down.  Sometimes one needs to be a bitch in this “dog eat dog world.”